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Frontend Mentor Collection

Frontend Mentor is a platform that introduces challanges in building websites and web components. It's a lot of fun solving these challanges. This is a growing collection of my solutions, showcasing my ability to implement given designs.

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The Reef Life Survey is a non-profit science program that surveys the worlds reef biodiversity. As a personal project, I made this app to query their database of the worlds reef species. As a progressive web app, it is installable on most devices and offers offline functionality. Go find Nemo!

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Tracking investments across multiple marketplaces and currencies can be quite difficult. In this project I was contracted to build a web app that tracks investments in NFTs. Essentially, a portfolio that integrates data from various marketplaces and cryptocurrencies.

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Miss Metaverse NFT

In this project, I was contracted to build a website and smart contract for the sale of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The site served thousands of users and the project yielded $250K in revenue.

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Kcards - Flash Cards App

An app to create collections of flash cards used for studying Korean. It features automatic image search, translation, and text-to-speech to facilitate the swift creation of high quality cards. I couldn't find an app I liked, so I just made one myself.

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An Alternate Kind art collection piece

The Alternate Kind

A designer and artist friend of mine has made an art collection that I truly connected with, so I built a website to feature his art (under construction).

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Artfora Landing Page

Artfora is a startup I co-founded. This is the first landing page I created for the startup, featuring some neat animations and a custom carousel.

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My Portfolio V1

Every year I intend on updating my portfolio, showcasing newly acquired web development skills. This is the first iteration of my portfolio from my first year as a web developer.

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